Definition and meaning of croaker in Forex

Definition and meaning of croaker in Forex
You are a new dealer in the Forex market you need to know many important things, to get to know the meaning of croaker ...

 The lot is less unit you can handle them in the forex If you want access on a pair Eurodollar and you want to purchase, for example, it means that you're in this time you want to buy one unit of the dollar against the euro and the exchange rate then is 1.2000 and then the price moves to 1.2001, we find that there is an increase point one and this so-called gain but croaker is the value that will enter the deal.

This means that if the transaction is entered into by one dollar every point will be worth one dollar. This means Hah gain of one hundred points will be your winnings hundred dollars and if the opposite happened and lost will be your loss hundred dollars.

Meaning that the croaker is one of the head of the unit owner who will be traded by value and there are three sizes of the lot there like a standard size, which is a hundred thousand dollars. There is also a miniature size of the lot, which is a ten thousand dollars. There is also a micro size or smaller than the mini-sized, which is a thousand dollars. Micro size can be a lot size ten cents and the dollar made up of one hundred dollars with the consideration that the account has a capital of thousand dollars.

In other words, if the account found him five thousand dollars and the Micro Account Account will be croaker account for fifty cents or half a dollar. Size of the account mini point is equal to one dollar. Account Alastndard point equals ten dollars. Another advantage in the forex market that you can open the deal, whether to buy or sell without specifying Lott and Lott thumping called here and that means it is a specified quantity

Leverage Forex traders Aattabroha is the basis of this market. Meaning that if he happened to have been deleted the leverage of the market system, there will be a large global economic crisis and disasters will be so important to know what is happening leverage.

Leverage is a system that was made specifically for the small traders are entering the market.

To know what it means to small traders must know that the volume of currency trading in the forex market is more than three trillion dollars, more than three thousand billion dollars, which enters these amounts are Abannonk major bodies that I mentioned before, such as the European Bank and US Bank Fed, of course, there is no dealer has what is owned by the banks of this liquidity Login If a merchant can not achieve one per cent of this figure.

Margin Margin
Margin and margin currently most stock exchanges for the world of work with this system, but there are downsides to this system that causes so much in the presence of economic crises and also the reason for the bankruptcy lot of traders meaning that this system is only good for the stock markets either for traders is causing big losses
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